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Health & Safety

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How to do it right – as a driver: Keep your vehicle in good mechanical condition. Conduct a daily vehicle inspection. Plan your trip in advance. Allow sufficient time to reach your destination – do not rush. Alter your driving to suit weather conditions. Do not be under the influence of alcohol. Learn  to  recognize  driving  situations  that  can  be  hazardous.  Utilize  the  height of your vehicle to see further ahead. Take note of improper driving actions of others and do not repeat them. Allow sufficient space between you and the vehicle in front – do not tailgate. Do not exceed the speed limit for heavy vehicles. This is displayed as the lower speed   limit on a speed sign.

The  faster  you  go the more  likely  you  are to  have  a  crash. Speed  is  a  contributing   factor in 80% of all crashes in Dubai. Obey all traffic signs and markings. Never try to beat traffic lights. Watch for cars entering the road ahead, changing lanes or turning Plan and signal well ahead when you want to change lanes or overtake. If you are not sure that you have enough time to turn safely or change lanes, just wait. A few seconds or minutes could save your life. Concentrate, keep your mind on the road. Stay alert. Take rest breaks whenever possible. Expect the unexpected from drivers and watch for pedestrians and other traffic participants

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Crossing Streets Safely

Tips for crossing the street safely:

STAY on your side of the road — far back from the road edge and away from traffic. WAIT for the bus to stop and LOOK for the driver’s signal to cross the street. Making eye contact with the bus driver is important for safely crossing a street

CHECK traffic both ways — then check again.

CROSS the street directly across, checking traffic both ways.

WALK about 12 feet (6 giant steps) ahead of the bus’ bumper

BOARD the bus quickly.

Exiting the Bus

Tips for crossing the street safely after getting off the bus:

WALK along the side of the road until you can see your bus driver.

STOP and wait for the signal to cross from the driver.

LOOK for traffic both ways. If you see a vehicle that has not stopped, go back to the bus immediately.

CROSS the road quickly after all vehicles have stopped.

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